Homework. The Undisputable Fact.

School is the definition of stress.

Many people are involved in sports, clubs, and activities, which tend to take up the majority of their time on top of a job and home life. This causes students to feel like they are overwhelmed by homework given by their teachers. Of course, it’s their job to assign homework for students, but problems are apparent as homework becomes “too much” for these students to handle.

The problem we are facing as individuals isn’t homework itself, but the amount given to us. Teachers seem to think that their class is the only class that students take, so they assign large amounts of homework thinking we have time to do it. However, as students juggle sports and a job along with these large assignments, it becomes hard and stressful.

Musical and play season is awful, if not the worst. Practices go on for many hours, especially when it’s show week. Getting your homework done seems almost impossible. The only option then seems to be is to stay up late and finish which results in lack of sleep.

Of course, students struggle with procrastination and laziness or literally the desire to not do anything, but on the flip-side, there are students who work hard 110 percent of everyday and still have a hard time trying to get stuff finished in time. My sophomore year of high school, I had this struggle during volleyball season when I went to practice for two hours and then instantly went to work for another three to four hours. Finding time to finish homework was tough. Teachers need to understand that we have other classes and activities going on.

This isn’t an excuse. This is a fact.