‘Fiddler on the Roof’ aims to impress audiences

Norman Jewison’s Fiddler on the Roof is a story of family and tradition in the Jewish culture during the Russian Revolution in 1906. Tevye, played by junior Jacob Pieplow, has to marry off three of his daughters, Tzeitel, Hodel, and Chava, played by senior Mia Stinemetz, senior Katie Comley, and junior Debi Schmidt.

This year’s musical, taking place in November, has many actors and actresses enthused for their big roles.

“I’m excited that I get to be on stage more than I’ve ever been on stage in any show. I get to sing; I get to work with so many fun people, iconic songs, and just this fun, happy, jolly guy that I get to play,” Pieplow said.

Despite the smaller roles, others are eager to put on the show and perform.

The first opening night is my favorite because all the work is put into the first night. The opening night is like your jitters, and you’re excited to show everybody.” Stinemetz said.

It appears the loss of some great voices and talent won’t stop this from being a excellent production.

“We have a lot of senior girls who are soloists, and then Jacob Pieplow is a fine actor. We also have other guys who are character actors, and then a lot of leading lady types with nice voices,” play director Betsy Dutton said.

Great actors, directors, sets, and scenes will compile into an exceptional musical enjoyable for all.

“There’s a couple of scenes in there that are kind of goofy and scary and fun so I think that people will enjoy that,” Stinemetz said.