Black Out

High school offers many opportunities to find activities you love. Some of these include sports, debate, choir, drama  and many more. However, sophomore Alaina Madden has strayed from the usual path to find an activity of her own: blackout Poetry.

“Blackout poetry is when you take a book and you cross out all of the words on the page except for a few, you leave those behind to create a new story, or in this case, a poem,” Madden said.

Two years ago Madden discovered Blackout poetry, she then decided to try it out on her own. Now, she often writes in her free time, or whenever she feels inspired.

“A friend of mine showed me blackout poetry and I thought it was really cool so I found an old book and I started to outline words that I thought would go good together and then It ended up making a story. I usually draw on the page and create art to go with whatever the poem is,”  Madden said. “I usually write stories that go along with what I’m feeling, like if I‘m having a rough day and I’m angry or sad then the poems that I usually pick out are very solemn and depressing or if I’m in a good mood they’re tend to be more upbeat and fun. I think it’s where my mind is at that day that makes certain words stick out to me.”

Blackout poetry requires having a book that you would willingly color on many pages of, one decision book lovers such as Madden would normally have trouble making.

“The book I got to write it in was not being checked out anymore so it was given to me. Just being able to create something new out of something that was old and boring really inspires me,” Madden said.

Madden really got into the activity this past summer, and since then has written many more since she began. The names of her poems usually portray what emotion or activity has happened, with titles such as fear, first sight, and loved.

“My favorite one I’ve written is called “love”, which is different from my other poem “loved.” I was very bored when I wrote it, but then I really got into it, and I drew a heart to go along. It impacted me and it kinda just gave me peace in a situation where I was unhappy. I became really happy cause I was doing something important to me.”

Madden plans to continue her hobby and hopes to someday have them available for the public to read.

“I think that having a blackout poetry and being able to create another story is such a cool opportunity because it’s words that were already there from the author, but I can specifically choose which ones I like and can interpret them in your own way in. It’s a great way to let my mind flow free and create whatever I want to,” Madden said.