School Spirit Lacks at SHS

Besides the few junior high students and a hand full of high school students, there is no school spirit at Sterling High School. As a cheerleader, it is hard to lead cheers if there is no one to follow. I thought that when you were in high school it was “cool” to support your fellow classmates and people that attend the same school as you, but maybe I am wrong.

During football games there were two student sections: the first consisted of two sophomore girls and the second had more students in it, but they didn’t cheer. They just stood there. The school is willing to bus students to all of the away football games, and we still could not get people to stand up and cheer. Is it embarrassing? Awkward?

Whatever it is, I think that students should be proud of the school they go to and want to be a part of others’ success.

Basketball may not have weekly pep buses, but students can still support at home games. All band students are required to be there, so why don’t they stand in the student section? High school should be for everybody to support one another. Students go watch the musical and attend choir and band concerts, so why can’t they come to games?

I understand if some are working, but there are students that come to the game and go stare at their phones in the bleachers. What is the point of that? To say you attended that games? If you want the “real high school experience,” have some spirit and support others.

I applaud all students that do come to the games and cheer on their friends, but to those who don’t, you are missing out. You are only in high school for four years, there is no going back. Be as involved as you can. Be loud and be proud of who you are and where you go to school.