Jeremy Thorpe: Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Aside from being a grammatical-nightmare, your argument regarding sports participation is illogical and an inaccurate assessment of the motivation behind extracurricular involvement.

You begin your article with the statement, “Sterling High School relies on three sport athletes to support and enhance our academics and sport curricula.” Sterling High School has more than three sports. The primary purpose of attending Sterling High School is academics, not sports. Sports are purely extracurricular activities; and although these activities improve health, develop life skills, and encourage team participation, they are secondary to a good education.

Many students are interested in pursuing several extracurricular activities, but with maturity comes a responsibility to prioritize commitments and focus on good time-management, which is important in maintaining one’s academics.

A student must pick and choose which activities best define them. They can’t do everything. Being a “three-sport” athlete, and participating in debate and forensics could mean giving up limited time with family or sacrificing one’s grades.

Sterling is a great school because it gives students a chance to explore their interests. Choosing not to participate in a particular activity does not mean that a student is selfish or doesn’t care about their team.

The author’s claim, “Three sport athletes have an unselfish attitude towards all sports, even ones they dislike, but one sport athletes have a more selfish attitude ‘all about me and what I’m good at’ attitude. Whereas they could have a ‘what will benefit my team’ attitude.”, is not only unsound grammatically, but it also has no factual basis. I understand that these publications are designated forums of free speech, but one should at least take a statistical sample before making such claims that generalize the student population.

Contrary to the editor’s opinion, one cannot do everything, nor should they.

Jeremy Thorpe

Junior at Student High School