Curtain Call: Senior thespians take the stage for the final time

As the curtain falls for this year’s winter play, for much of the cast, it will be their last production in the spotlight at SHS.

The end of January will bring a close to many seniors’ careers in Sterling High productions with The House of Blue Leaves directed by Betsy Dutton.

“It’s sad thinking this will be my last high school production,” senior Mia Stinemetz said.

Although finishing off the theater productions of this year is bittersweet, Sterling’s musicals and plays have made such a good impact on many of the students that they want to carry on the experience and continue to act even after high school.

“I’ve always enjoyed being in the plays here, and the thought that I will not be able to do another one is very sad, and I try not to think about it yet. I’m not going to stop acting, and I’ll still do plays and stuff when I’m older, but it won’t be the same as being here,” senior Alley Rowland said.

These shows, with the help of Dutton, brought out talent of acting and singing from actors and actresses who did not enjoy being in any spotlight in the beginning.

“I definitely never thought that I would like being on stage and acting and singing in front of people. I always thought that would be super scary. Now I’m super comfortable with it, and it’s one of my favorite things to do,” Stinemetz said.

Aside from providing lessons about acting and the art of theater, being in these productions has taught students lessons they can use throughout life.

“It’s taught me to be more responsible and not procrastinate as much, especially if you have a bigger lead because you can let people down, and it doesn’t just affect you,” senior Aniston Ramsey said.

Even though many voices and good talent will be lost after this year, there is always more to be found in younger actors and actresses by nurturing them.

“We always lose a lot of talent, but the Junior class has a lot of talent. My job is to help foster kids’ talents, and then they grow. In the 35 years I’ve been here there’s always someone coming up,” Dutton said.

Being in theater productions has helped develop these students and their talents and made a lasting impact that will last after high school.

“It’s definitely been a worthwhile experience that I’m going to take with me,” senior Eli Miller said.