Black Panther- Believe the Hype

It’s been very difficult to go anywhere online without seeing something about Marvel’s new blockbuster movie, Black Panther. Black Panther is one of the highest rated movies of all time, with a whopping 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes!, but should you believe the hype placed on this movie by so many people? The answer is YES!

Black Panther is a movie about the new king of the thriving fictional African country of Wakanda. The king, named T’Challa, is becoming king after the death of his father. His father died in Captain America: Civil War, which was released in 2016. When you become the king of Wakanda, you gain the power of the Black Panther, meaning you basically become invincible. So, that’s basically how Black Panther becomes a superhero. The rest of the story is semi-complex, so I’m not going to give you a complete summary, but I do urge you to see this movie if you’re interested in knowing the rest.

I watched Black Panther in theatres on opening weekend, and loved it. I thought that it was a cool idea for a superhero to be a king of a nation, and liked how there was more to the story than just the main character fighting bad guys and coming out victorious every time. There was more going on than in a traditional superhero movie that DC Comics, Marvel’s rival, would release.

Marvel has been doing a great job with all of their movies as of late. I have really enjoyed about everything that has come out in the last few years. I’m not sure if it has to do with them being owned by Disney now or not, but there are some good things happening with Marvel. I’m really a fan of all the superheroes being a part of one univers, so you see a lot of fun cameos of other superheroes in their films. Marvel is miles ahead of the competition.

So, in all, you should really go see Black Panther if you haven’t. Or, watch it on demand when it comes out, if you’re one of THOSE people. The bottom line is, Black Panther is a great movie with a great story line, actors, special effects, music, etc. Go see this movie in theatres before it’s too late!