Taylor Swift shows “Delicate” Side

In Taylor Swift’s newest music video for her song Delicate, we see a whole new side of the pop star. Any fans of her know that the fifth songs in her albums usually show the more vulnerable side of her relationships, and Reputation does not disappoint.

  The song talks about how her relationship is still new and ‘delicate’ and how she doesn’t know if it’s time to become more serious. The song is a real stand out for the album because it’s the only one we see where there is some doubt flowing through her. We see this with her lyrics, “Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you’re in my head? ‘Cause I know that it’s delicate.”

However, where one might think this music video would revolve around her and some boy, we see her take a different approach to expressing the song. The music video begins with Swift speaking to an interviewer at a big social event, surrounded by bodyguards and paparazzi. Next we see an anonymous person slip her a note. We then see life through her point of view as everyone stands and gawks at her as she walks down a hallway, she also takes selfies with fans and while doing so a worker at the building she is in tries to jump on her to grab her attention. The frame then jumps to her sitting in a room by herself looking at the note she has received, she then looks up into the mirror and shows off how ridiculous the whole thing is. Swift then turns as a group of girls walk into the room she occupies. When she turns back to the mirror, she discovers that she can no longer see herself in it. Taking advantage of her new found invisibility, she immediately goes out to the public, kicks off her shoes, has an epic wardrobe change, and goes out to dance. You see her mess with people, walk on furniture, and tour the building as she enjoys being herself. Swift then leaves the building and takes a train and is then seen dancing on an abandoned street in the rain. She dances in the rain, taking bows on the sidewalk, jumping in puddles, even doing splits on top of a car. At this point you really see how much she enjoys not having everyone watching her every move. The music video ends with her in a bar, everyone notices her again. She looks down at her note and then looks up and smiles.

    The theme and meaning behind this music video is pretty clear. It shows how her life is constantly full of chaos, from paparazzi to crazy fans, and how for once she would like a break from all the attention. And the person she sees in the bar at the end of the music video is suspected to be her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, though we never see him. It shows how he is the person who can make her chaotic life worth it. And how he is the one who gives her a break from the attention. I believe the video also shows her true feelings on her life and how everything the media portrays about her is not true.

Of course, if you expected Swift to not have tons of little meanings through out the video, you’d be wrong. Some say Swift dancing in the rain is a nod to one of her hit songs on her Fearless album where she sings. “For you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless.” You can also see Swift wearing a snake ring, a sign to gesture to the symbol she has claimed since the Kanye/Kim drama went down. And every Graffiti you see Swift dancing in front of is significant to the song, some stating “Track Five”, “Echoes of your footsteps”, and even one that says “Reputation.” However, one of the most notorious Easter eggs in the music video is probably the one that gives credit to her boyfriend, with a street sign that reads “Joe’s Deli.”

If you like music videos that are fun and feature an artist who recognizes that they can make fun of themselves, then I definitely recommend Swift’s new music video. The way she takes a new meaning to a song shows that life isn’t always as serious as it needs to be and that you can find beauty and happiness even in the darkest of situations. To sum it up, Swift’s new music video is one that will go down in history.

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