On Jan. 30, FBLA traveled to Udall to compete in District competition. FBLA Advisor Eric Wenzel took 25 students to compete against students from 18 different schools. “There’s a wide range of events, some are objective tests where it’s just a multiple choice test that everyone takes, high score wins.” Wenzel said,”Others are presentation events about projects, there’s also some events like a job interview, where students go through a mock interview and are graded on how it goes.”

Overall they placed 7th out of the 18 schools there with a combined total of

121 points from across all the events,“They rank first through 10th, you get 10 points for first and one point for 10th and so forth,” Wenzel said.”I was happy with that placing, some schools there have up to four or five as many students as we do.”

With as well as they are doing surprisingly FBLA has only been around Sterling High School for three years. Although FBLA isn’t the most glamourous of clubs it still pulls in students from across all grades. ”We’ve had quite a few returners, a lot of seniors this year,” Wenzel said,”Some who’ve done it all three years, for some this is their first year.”

In the three years FBLA has been here only four students have participated all three years, this including seniors Lucas Briar, Blake Richter, Camille Schweizer, and John Schweizer. Each doing well in their events, along with being leaders to younger members of FBLA. They’ve shown their dedication to FBLA by showing their resolve to do well in FBLA. “A lot of it is that self driven motivation,” Wenzel answered when asked how members can practice,”A lot of it falls onto where they want to see themselves go.”

FBLA provides students not only a chance to practice being a leader, working with others, and problem solving but also gives students the chance to be more active in their community. “I am starting to see that we have the ability to branch out more in the community,” Wenzel said.”FBLA encourages it through competition.”

While FBLA is now starting to branch off in its early years it might have scared off students as it seemed to be a very strict and according to Wenzel, the club started off focusing on competition mostly. “Starting off we did focus on competition mostly.” Wenzel said.

Many people who’ve done FBLA in previous years know that it isn’t a cakewalk unless you want to see it through. “A lot of it is that self driven motivation,” Wenzel said, ”It falls onto where they want to see themselves go.”

This year has been smoother than the past years as many of the students who are in FBLA have done so in previous years. “It has been nice to have a group of students who’ve been through the experience,” Wenzel said,”I’m not the only resource, it’s nice to have that student involvement.”

Sterling High School FBLA members pose for group photo. Back row: Eric Wenzel, Blake Richter, Lucas Brier, Garrett Sankey, Morgan Simpson, Taya Wilson, and Camille Schweizer. Middle row: Kenan Comley, Eli Miller, Caleb Lambert, Lauren Frederick, Natalie Nichols, Grace Rowland, Codi Custer. Front row: Lucas Weigel, Cade Wilkey, Wyatt Schmidt, Hannah Bennett, Jasmine Bates, and Mallory Beltz. Not pictured: Dylan Drier, Lauren Scheuren, Mia Steinmetz, Debi Schmidt, and William Weiner.