Forensics off to a strong start

Sterling High School’s forensics team has started off strong already having placed first as a team in two tournaments. Of the 50 students in forensics 44 have already gone out to different meets many of them seeing great results — despite the nerves — from both seasoned seniors and young novices.

“I was really nervous when I went to my first forensics meet because I’d never done it before and especially because orations have to be memorized,” freshman Maddy Chesney said.

Even some of the veterans still get meet day jitters.

“Impromptu is an event I’ve never done before so it’s a little challenging to take that on, but it’s a lot of fun,” senior Katie Comley said.

Chesney has came within one point from breaking finals at a varsity tournament in oration. Comley has seen more success as she has placed in second three times in poetry, and once in impromptu within the four tournaments she’s been in. But they aren’t the only two that have had success this season.

“We’ve had two teams that have already placed first at meets and a several seconds, and I feel very good about that,” forensics coach Betsy Dutton said.

Even with such a strong start to the season, continued success is not guaranteed.

“We never know how well we’ll do at state until we get there. As far as normal, we’re doing well and I assume we will continue to do so. We have a talented group of juniors and seniors so I think we will do well,” Dutton said.

Comely is also confident in the ability of the upperclassmen and is looking forward to the state championships (champs).

“I think we have a strong team, we have a strong group of seniors who are placing well in their events. Mia and Eli have a really good duet, Aniston has a strong informative speech, and Lauren has a great oration and I think all of those are capable of qualifying for champs. As for me, I hope that I can double qualify for champs in poetry and impromptu,” Comley said.

In order to qualify for champs participants must place first or second at a varsity meet. If a competitor places third, fourth, fifth or sixth they qualify for state festival.

The forensics team is currently preparing for league which is set to take place in Marion on April 9. State champs and festival will both take place on May 5.