Hats are an accessory to be worn outside of the building

Since the beginning of time it seems it always deems necessary to defy school dress codes. This being no different involving the recent hat debate in our school. Hats, flat bills, beanies, or whatever you might wear are completely fun and fashion forward accessory that should be worn outside of the school building. According to our school handbook, “No headwear shall be worn while in the building, including hats, visors and bandanas.” You might disagree with this statement but it is still a school policy that you are expected to follow. I understand that you might love wearing hats or beanies but according to the school policy they are NOT allowed in the building. If you didn’t catch it from the sentence above they aren’t allowed in the BUILDING, just because the bell rings at 8 a.m. or even 3:15 p.m. doesn’t mean the hat can come on. You are still in the building, so don’t act surprised when administration asks you to remove your hat.

This brings up another point when they do ask you to remove your hat you should do so out of respect of the rules and the administration. If you watch sports events and they play the National Anthem if you watch the referees they remove their hats out of respect for our country, have the same respect that you have for our country for your own school. Stop arguing the rules, or how it is unfair and not right, because they didn’t make the rules they just enforce them. I’m sure it gets annoying for every teacher to tell you over and over to remove your hat after they just told you five minutes ago to do the same thing, you are in high school and completely capable of following instructions. So I plead you, the next time you think of ignoring the rules I ask you to remember and reflect how “awful” you might think they are, because they are only asking you to take something off your head. Wear your hats, flat-bills, cowboy hat, and caps if thats what makes you happy or describes your personality but do so after school hours.