Buy Me Love?

Emperor Claudius II in third-century Rome, decided that single men make better soldiers ones with wives and families, he made marriage for young men illegal. Valentine decided this law was unfair and went against Claudius’ word. He continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. Due to Valentines rebellion, it allowed many lovers to express their love together, and we use the day St. Valentine died, because of the sacrifices he made. Valentine’s Day is a very controversial holiday for many reasons, one being that it is a day set apart just to celebrate your love for an individual.

We don’t need a specific day to celebrate love, but it’s great that it exists. The day is an opportunity to love, love. We can celebrate our love for family, friends, and significant others. A way we choose to do this is giving candy to our loved ones to show small tokens of affection, celebrating other types of love, hanging out with the people you love, and loving them harder. Even making a thoughtful gift for your significant other is just as appreciated as a dozen roses, it’s the thought that counts. Valentine’s Day is more than just being showered in gifts, and the gifts in my opinion are completely unnecessary.

We’re able to use this day to show how much you love someone and getting to put all your love out there. The love that is shown doesn’t have to romantic, but could be directed towards your friends. Who needs a boy when you have the girls? The heart is so receptive to love on this holiday. In any shape or form we seek to find it especially on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate this holiday with friends and family, or just treat yourself to some good chocolate. Valentines Day should still be celebrated, because of the history behind it. The sacrifices St. Valentine made allowed us to be able to love without having to hide it.