Pricey Prom? It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect, Prom is not Everything

Prom is the big night of high school for some people, especially for most girls. Some girls dream about prom more than they do about their wedding day. While budgets do not generally rise above the average wedding budget, in 2015, Visa, Inc. conducted a prom survey that found the average prom budget to be $919. This is outrageous. Do you know what you can buy with $900? A few options are a roundtrip flight to Casablanca ($913), a ticket to Coachella ($899), a Macbook Air ($999), 150 number one combos at Sonic ($899), a seven-day Caribbean cruise for two ($822), or complete dorm furnishings ($836). Quit spending so much money on prom. It’s not everything. A lot of people put their life into prom, because “it has to be the perfect night.” It doesn’t. If prom sucks, it sucks. Move on and just live the rest of your life. It’s one night (or two if you count both junior and senior year) in your entire life. I’m not saying to hate prom and not look forward to it. Have fun! Dress up, look pretty, guys listen to your girlfriends and wear that tux, dance, have fun. But don’t put so much stock into whether it’s perfect or not. Nothing is perfect. You might have a loose hair, one eyeliner wing might be slightly longer than the other, your shoes might be your second choice, that girl might turn you down on a dance. It’s not the end of the world. You’ll sleep in the next day and then get up and move on with your life. If prom was a disaster, it is what it is. Roll with the punches and just enjoy the comedy of the disaster. Everything will turn out okay in the end, so if everything isn’t okay, it’s not the end. Just have fun with the not-okay and enjoy the hilarious disasters that are bound to happen in life. Sometimes that includes prom.