Yearbook and magazine advisor Todd Vogts brings new addition to staff

On September 7, yearbook and magazine advisor Todd Vogts and his wife Kendall welcomed to the world a beautiful baby girl, Presley James Vogts. Since then, Presley is now almost eight months old and can sit up and crawl all by herself. This is the Vogts’ first child and she has enjoyed spending time with all of the staff members.

Junior Natalie Nichols stands Presley Vogts on her chest.
Presley Vogts laughs at junior Natalie Nichols as she has drool on her face.
Advisor Todd Vogts feeds Presley a banana and pumpkin flavored baby food while she sits in her chair.
Sophomore Abby Riffel poses with Presley Vogts as they make the same face.
Junior Natalie Nichols laughs as Presley Vogts chews on her toy.
Sophomore Abby Riffel hold Presley Vogts on her lap as she sucks her thumb.
Junior Natalie Nichols takes a picture on snapchat with Presley Vogts.
Presley Vogts laughs as junior Andy Norez hands her her toy giraffe.
Freshman Aubrey Anderson tickles Presley Vogts in order to make her smile.