BOE changes athletic co-ops

Unified School District 376 made several decisions regarding co-op athletics with Nickerson High School at the previous School Board Meeting; decisions regarding the proposal of women’s soccer and the continuation of wrestling.

NHS’s athletic director, John McLean, reached out to Sterling High School proposing a co-op agreement to include Sterling athletes in its new soccer program.

This proposition was denied by the board due to the fact that there are already multiple athletic events for females to choose from the district already offers. There was also a budgetary concern and the potential problem of a Title 9 violation.

Another co-op that NHS and SHS share is the wrestling agreement. This previous year the district paid $3,000 for junior Dylan Stewart to wrestle, not including the cost for transporting him to and from practices and competitions — which was approximately another $3,000 according to SHS superintendent Jim Goracke.

NHS and SHS have come to a new agreement that will be put in place next season.

Sterling will now pay the Nickerson coach a proportional salary, which would drop the current payment from $3,000 to $300. The district will also require the wrestling athletes to transport themselves to and from Nickerson for both practices and meets.

Eligibility Changes/Clarification

During the Board Meeting there were also some eligibility changes and clarifications.

Some of the changes include: the first eligibility report will be ran the third week of the start of school, any student on the ineligibility list for three consecutive weeks will be required to attend after school tutoring from 3:15-4:15 until they are off the list this will include all students even those not in an activity, and there will be no Wednesday warning for students who are ineligible.

Along with these changes came clarification to eligibility rules with activities such as band, choir, plays, dances, art, etc.

These clarifications made the eligibility policy more uniform throughout all activities.