Forrest Gump Remains Old Family Favorite

Forrest Gump, directed by Robert Zemeckis in 1994 and starring Tom Hanks, is an old family classic, loved by millions.

The story is an extraordinary one of resilience after Forrest is born with a leg deformity and mentally handicapped. It is also an inspiration to anyone who was or is bullied that they can rise above the situation and make themselves better because of it. In addition, this movie is a perfect example of how even someone who struggles mentally can and will still do great things, and given that this came out in the 90’s, this helped spread this awareness to the public and sway general opinion.

Comedy, romance, history, sadness, and a very unique storyline make this movie incredibly absorbing and viewers stay captivated throughout the two-hour film. These different characteristics also make Forrest appealing to many age groups, from pre-teens to senior citizens, although there is some mature content that is not suitable for younger children. With all of these traits, it is no surprise that Forrest Gump is such a timeless favorite, and is sure to remain a family treasure in the future.