Lead the Way

Junior quarterback, Brady Myers explains hardships and benefits of being an expected leader

Being on the starting line up requires dedication to the sport, hard work, and determination. Starting quarterback, junior Brady Myers has put in the work to get the minutes he does. Myers has been the starting quarterback at SHS since 2017, along with some earned minutes during his freshman year (‘16). Along with this position comes a large load of pressure from coaches, fellow players, and the community.

“I have to step up and lead the team, which is something I am not very familiar with,” Myers said. “We lost a lot of great senior leaders, and someone had to step up to start leading the team.” 

Leading a team on or off the field is never easy, because coaches have their expectations for every player, especially their leaders. 

“I am expected to step up in all situations whether it be leading or encouraging other players,” Myers said. “But at the same time I would expect the same thing from my teammates.”

As the 2018 season comes to a start Myers has one goal that he is set on reaching.

“Of course I want to have a winning season, but I want to make my teammates proud, and Sterling proud,” Myers said. 

Football runs through his veins as it has been passed down through his family.

“Football runs through my family, I have been apart of football since the third grade because of them,” Myers said.

With many years of experience in Myers’ pocket, it also comes with passion and a love for the sport. 

“I love being able to make contact through football, being with my teammates, and overall just having fun,” Myers said.

As Myers continued the development of his football career he was able to find inspiration through his older brother, Austin Myers. 

“Austin was a role model for me, and in the past years I began to watch more of his films,” Myers said, “I never realized how much he truly meant to me.” 

With a role model in place and a love for the sport, football will always be apart of Myers.

“Football is huge in my family, Austin definitely had an impact on why I continue to play,” Myers said, “I love football, and it will always be apart of who I am.”