October Briefly Stated

New schedule change in effect 

 For the past 11 years Sterling High School has had a block day schedule with 9 periods each day. To improve our schedule, school counselor, Tina Wohler decided to see what other schools did for their schedules in relation to ours. Out of 13 schools Sterling was the only school with a nine hour day. 8 schools had a 7 period day and 5 had 8. 

Overall Sterling students were getting 70 minutes per class while other schools were getting fewer minutes, but seeing their teachers everyday. 

At the first calendar committee meeting they discussed all of the pros and cons of both the block schedule and daily schedule, it was decided that a daily schedule would benefit students most. An eight hour daily schedule was put in place instead of a nine hour block schedule. 

All students will be receiving 60 more minutes in each class overall with the daily schedule than with the  block schedule. Other counselors said the daily schedule was best for their student because they saw material everyday.

Schlitterbahn’s  water slide torn down

In 2016 ten year old Caleb Schwab, the son of Kansas State Representative Scott Schwab died on the 17-story Kansas City water slide, The Verruckt meaning crazy or insane. Celebs’ raft went airborne and struck a metal support pole. After the incident Schlitterbahn wanted to take action and tear down the world’s tallest water slide. A court order was put in that stopped Schlitterbahn from tearing it down because it was evidence for the investigation. 

After two years of investigation, the co-owner, lead designer, and Henry and Sons Construction company face two-degree murder charges and aggravated battery. Many other workers faced similar charges in including, recklessly designing a dangerous ride, second degree murder, hiding evidence of other injuries, aggravated battery, child endangerment, and mis leading investigators. 20 million dollars was also payed to the family. 

The slide was set to be torn down shortly after Labor day and took up to three weeks.

Senator John McCain  dies from brain cancer

On Aug. 25, 2018 at 4:28pm McCain died at age 81.

 In July 2017, McCain was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. After 13 months of chemo, McCain stopped treatments on August 24. 

John McCain served in the Vietnam War as a Navy Pilot and became a prisoner of war for five years before being released. In 1982 he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona, and in 1986 he was elected into the United States Senate. After 14 years as serving as a senator for Arizona, McCain started a presidential campaign in 2000, running against former president George W. Bush. He also ran against Barack Obama in 2008 but was elected to be a senator for Arizona. 

       McCain’s body was brought to the Arizona State Capitol, August 29, and a funeral was held the following day at North Phoenix Baptist Church. A funeral service was held in Washington D.C. September 1.