SHS’s New Bunch

New teachers Rich, Weiner settle into the school year

After the departures of long time science teacher Dan Whisler, English 3 teacher Todd Vogts, and Wes Laudermilk’s position change to assistant principal and athletic director, the district had teaching spots to fill. These positions were taken on by Matt Perkins(featured in last month’s Cub Reporter), Kathy Rich and Nancy Weiner. 

Since the district lost Vogts to Sterling College, Rich will be replacing his position part time. Rich was born in Omaha, Nebraska and moved to Hutchinson, Kansas when she was in first grade. She is the wife of Sterling College President, Scott Rich, and has three sons. She lives in Sterling with her husband.

“This year I am teaching both sections of English 3,” Rich said. “I am definitely enjoying the students and also the content. I am working hard to learn the project management piece that Mr. Vogts used so successfully.”

With Rich’s English experience and love for teaching, she decided to take the position at Sterling after teaching at Central Christian for 20 years. 

“I became a teacher in order to be a caring adult in the lives of students,” Rich said. “It was in my junior high years that I sensed the strong desire to teach, and I have loved every year I’ve had in the classroom.”

Sharing the same love for teaching, Nancy Weiner will also be helping out the district by teaching a few of Laudermilk’s classes; including Beginning Algebra and Algebra 1.

 “I really am enjoying both algebra classes,” Weiner said. “I became a math teacher because I have always enjoyed working with number and working with kids.”

Weiner is originally from Chester, Nebraska but has lived in Sterling for many years. She is married to Dan Weiner, the Sterling Grade School Counselor.  They have three sons, Henry, Edward, and William.

“I hope that by the end of the year, some of my students will have developed a better understanding of how numbers work and possibly enjoy working with numbers to some degree,” Weiner said.

Wes Laudermilk was teaching math classes such as Algebra 1 and Beginning Algebra last year, but has gone away from some of his teaching this year. Laudermilk has a lot of new duties with his position change. 

As the new athletic director, he is in charge of all things surrounding our sports teams. He also has much to do as the assistant principal.

“The thing that I’m looking forward to most in both positions is being able to reach and impact more students,” Laudermilk said. “Before, I was limited to who  was taking my class. Now, I can impact students in all activities and learning.”