Shop ‘Til You Drop

Shopping in-store provides  benefits in the holiday season

As the holiday season approaches one of my favorite hobbies becomes more important. SHOPPING! Picture a brisk Saturday morning browsing through isles of Target or TJ Maxx looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your family and friends. 

Although online shopping may seem appealing, physically shopping in a store is more enjoyable than doing it online. 

First off, when you shop online you miss the enjoyment of getting to see the item physically before actually buying it. I can’t tell you the number of times I have ordered something and it hasn’t turned out the way I wanted it to. It was the wrong color, size, or the wrong item in some cases. Yes, you can return the item but that requires you to get a box, find shipping information, and wait even longer for the new item to get shipped back to you. Shopping in the store you can immediately tell if the item is too big without the hassle of shipping back boxes. 

Another advantage to shopping in a store is getting to take home the item right away. In an emergency you might need an specific item right away and most of the time driving to the store is the fastest way to get it. No need to wait for the free three day shipping because you can take it home right then. When you buy in-store, you can avoid overpaying one day shipping costs, saving you money in the pricey holiday season.

When you shop at stores in your area you are supporting your local businesses. If everyone starting shopping for everything online, all of the local businesses would go out of business. If there are no stores in town, you would have to drive farther to go to an actual store. If there was no stores around they couldn’t employ people, affecting the economy in a negative way. 

When you shop this holiday season, don’t shop online, or you might lose the luxury of it.