Thanksgiving Favorites

Go ‘ham’ during your family feast

While many people find themselves with different  Thanksgiving traditions the one event many agree on is      Thanksgiving dinner. This is at the core of every Thanksgiving celebration while the dishes may differ, but the sentiment remains the same. What makes an ideal Thanksgiving meal for me differs from most. 

The main dish is not turkey as most but rather ham that has been slow roasted seasoned with salt and pepper. Next comes the homemade stuffing, it’s just bread pieces mixed seasoned with a variety of spices than coated in a thin layer of butter and baked in the oven. Of course you also have to have mashed potatoes and gravy with any Thanksgiving meal, although many prefer mashed potatoes without the skin I personally like it with the skin.

Vegetables are also a must have a more elaborate way to add vegetables to your meal and make them more appealing is baking thin layers of potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, and squash in a pan covered in melted cheese and adding italian sausage to it to add a bit more flavor. A simpler and easier to prepare one is a green bean casserole, this is a favorite of mine that is an acceptable addition to most dinners or gatherings. 

An important addition is bread, basic homemade rolls are my favorite. Now comes everyone’s favorite part dessert, first is my grandma’s cranberry salad that she makes every year with her own recipe. It’s a great blend between sweet and tart and has a hint of citrus, while it wasn’t something I liked when I was younger it is something I love now.

Pumpkin pie hands down is my favorite kind of pie, there’s just something about it that makes it stand out. While we do have other kinds of pie nothing is more satisfying than pumpkin pie with a glob of whip cream on top. Which is the way the Thanksgiving feast should end after a mountain of food that begins with salted ham and end with sweet pumpkin pie.