Briefly Stated May 2019


FBLA members qualify for National Leadership Conference

On April 3-4, the Future Business Leaders of America team went to the state leadership conference in Topeka, Kansas. The team had success, as eigth students placed in their events

Senior William Weiner placed in all five of the events he competed in. Out of of his events, he won Business Calculations, placed second Insurance Management, took third in Political Science, and sixth in Accounting 2. 

Weiner wasn’t the only student to have success at the conference. Others qualifying for nationals include seniors Grace Rowland, Morgan Anderson, and Natalie Nichols in graphic design, placing third. 

Senior Bryce Wilson took second place in Webite Desgin, sophomore Maddy Chesney placed fourth in Intro to FBLA, and junior Alaina Madden placed sixth in Public Speaking. Madden will attend the conference due to cancelation of award winners before her. 

The team will travel to the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, June 29-July 2.


ACLU sues Kansas officials over Statehouse banners

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas filed a lawsuit defending three Kansas State University students who hung pro-medicaid banners in the Kansas Statehouse. 

The banners were protesting the lack of a vote on medicaid expansion. Each of the four banners called out a different republican lawmaker for failing to support medicaid expansion. 

The banners accused the lawmakers of having “blood on their hands” and called for action. 

According to the Kansas City Star, the ACLU is suing because the students were kicked out of the Statehouse after hanging the banners. The banners were taken down promptly after. Statehouse officials explained that they did these things because of Statehouse policy.

ACLU argues  the Statehouse’s policies limit rights to free speech, which are protected by the Constitution. According to KWCH 12,  Statehouse officials say that their policies are in place to prevent damage to the building. 


Notre Dame Cathedral goes up in flames

On April 15, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire during an effort to renovate the building. The wooden exterior of the cathedral was almost entirely destroyed. According to NPR, thousands of people gathered around and sang hyms. There seemed to be a look of disbelief on many bystander’s faces. 

   According to CNN, at 6:20 p.m., a fire alarm sounded. People were told to evacuate, but many didn’t leave the building until 6:43 p.m., when a second alarm went off and people were told, “This is no joke. You’ve got to get out.”

   Firefighters rushed to the scene but were slowed down by rush hour traffic. Officials decided to close many roads around the cathedral to make it easier for firefighters to get to the scene. 

   At around 8 p.m., the famous spire collapsed and fell into the interior of the church. This was posted all around social media and was seen by many on Twitter. After fighting the fire all night, the fire had been extinguished by 9:30 a.m. the next day, ABC News reported.