Mustard Mayhem

Mustard is not an enjoyable condiment to put on anything 

By Christina Voth

When you think of the color bright yellow you may think of many things like the sun, or daffodils, or you may even think of a gross yellow condiment; mustard. Now, I have tried mustard many different times during my life, trying to see if my taste buds had changed and I would like it, or if I would finally understand why people like mustard at all, but I’ve found that I still do not like mustard, no matter how many times I’ve tried it. Mustard is just very gross, and I doubt I will ever think any different. 

 I find that the taste of mustard, whether it’s yellow, Dijon, or honey mustard, has a taste that is all its own. Though mustard has a taste that is original, that doesn’t make it any good. It is overpowering and covers up the flavor of anything else you are trying to eat with it. If I am eating something I want to be able to taste it. I think that if you are adding a condiment to your food that it should enhance the flavor of it, not cover it up completely with extra stuff. Otherwise, what’s the point in eating your favorite food if it just tastes like mustard? Mustard to me has a strange aftertaste that is mixture of both bitter and sour which is very unpleasant.

I’ve found that mustard not only has an unfortunate smell that masks the smell of anything good you’re eating, but also that the color of mustard is not appealing to the eye at all. I personally don’t find my food being that shade of yellow tasty looking. It’s off putting to say the least. 

I honestly don’t even find the thought of mustard appetizing at all. Why would anyone want to eat something that not only has a bad taste, but a terrible smell, and a gross yellow color? Mustard is just not something that I have ever enjoyed or will most likely ever enjoy. I don’t think that I’ll ever want mustard on my food. To me mustard is just plain disgusting.

Mustard is a delicious, versatile American topping staple

By Lucas Gilmore

When you think of American food, you think of hot dogs and burgers. When you think of these foods, you think of them having condiments, not just being plain, but what’s the most delicious condiment available? You guessed it, mustard.

Mustard is a truly amazing taste sensation. It’s sweet, tangy, sour, and a little bit spicy at the same time. Other sauces don’t have this flavor profile, it’s so unique. This is what makes it so versatile. Mustard is great on many different foods and gives a pop of flavor. From hot dogs, to burgers, to bratwurst, mustard is great on anything savory. It just gives you that extra kick of intense flavor. 

I don’t understand why people say that they hate mustard, it’s possibly the most amazing condiment on the market, just look at how it’s made. The legendary condiment is made from the mustard seed. After the mustard seed is crushed, it is added in with other things such as water, sugar, vinegar, and spices to give that signature “in your face” flavor and makes it the star of the show.

There are also many different types of mustard and just about every one of them is good. Some types of mustard that are tasty are honey mustard, spicy brown (German) mustard, and Dijon mustard.   

These different flavors of mustard prove that it is a versatile condiment, can be mixed with many different flavors, and still be great. 

I believe that mustard is the most delicious common condiment out there. We’ve seen how it’s great on savory foods, but can also be good on other flavors. It’s versatile which has been proved by the amount of flavor varieties, which is one of the reasons it’s the best. If you don’t agree, then I don’t understand how you don’t. Mustard packs the best flavor that you can find in a condiment.