A Night to Remember

(Photos by Grace Rowland) Above: Senior Bryce Wilson gets surrounded by congress members while singing in the opening number “Sit Down John.”

For every senior, there are lasts for everything. Whether it is a spot or an art, there will always be one final hoorah. This fall musical will be the seniors last hoorah for their high school musical theatre career. The musical 1776, a theater performance based on the signing of the Declaration of Independence showcased 12 seniors.

“ They are talented kids who come on time, memorize their lines, and show good leadership,” theater director Betsy Dutton said. “They are a good group.”

The main characters of the musical are portrayed by three seniors, Jacob Pieplow as Benjamin Franklin, Bryce Wilson as John Adams, and Max Dutton as Thomas Jefferson. The lead roles filled by experienced actors can add a good leadership aspect to the show. 

“Being the lead actor makes you take on a bigger role and you have to be a role model for younger actors,” Wilson said.

While some of the cast have acting experience, others have never been in a musical before this year. This causing some concern for students playing one of their first 


“It’s been an experience I have loved so much,” senior Morgan Anderson said. 

“I work with a wonderful cast who are always so helpful and kind. Since it is my first musical I am a little more nervous to perform because I have  to perform at the same level as everyone else.”

Above: Senior Max Dutton portraying Thomas Jefferson leans into senior Bryce Wilson’s character, John Adams during the musical, Nov. 9.

Aside from seniors, freshman Noah Svaty will have his high school acting debut in this musical. Svaty will be portraying the role of Andrew Mcnair the custodian. 

“It was intimidating at first, but now it just feels normal,” Svaty said. “ I felt a huge pressure to get down my lines quick.”

Along with pressure to memorize lines there comes pressure to create a successful musical like ones from previous years. Learning a lot about theatre from being in shows with SHS alumni.

“I looked up to Kyler (Comley) and Will (Dutton) because they were both directly involved in the program and were very experienced,” Wilson said. “Watching and listening has got me to this point.”

Agreeing with Wilson, Pieplow has found his role in being a good leader for underclassmen,

“I really looked up to upperclassmen as people, and I tried to set as good as an example for the current underclassmen,” Pieplow said.