Canine Conudrum

Pitbulls make dangerous pets, provide companionship

A common misconception in the dog world is that pitbulls are an angry and vicious dog breed. There have been accounts of these dogs biting and attacking humans, but by nature, they love people quite a lot. A pitbull will do almost anything to please their human, just to hear praise. Like humans, they crave attention, approval, and are social animals. 

Since they want to please people so much, their devotion can be contributed to the bad reputation that they get. According to, the devotion to people has contributed heavily to the bad reputation of pitbulls. A bad person can use a pitbull’s eagerness to please to train the dog for nefarious or criminal purposes. 

Once you adopt a pitbull you have a friend for life, as they are super loyal. Pitbulls are often thought of as not good guard dogs since they just love people so much. They might however, intercede if they see one of their owners being attacked. One other plus, is they are great with children of all ages. They are affectionate to both children and adults.

They aren’t a “bad breed” necessarily, they just get a bad rep and suffer the consequences of what their owner does.  They make great pets for homes that are responsible, caring, and have active owners. Although they don’t make great pets for owners that have no prior experience with animals or enough room for them to exercise.

They are just like most other dogs. Most dogs are playful and have some sense of humor and pit bulls are no exception. 

Residents living in Sterling aren’t allowed to in anyway possess a pitbull. But why? Pitbulls are like any other dogs, This breed of dog is wonderful to have if you are willing to put forth the time and effort it requires in order to maintain its health and keep it happy.