Debaters Take Third in State Tournament

On Jan. 11-12, 12 debaters went to Fort Scott and competed at state debate, six people on four-speaker, and six on two-speaker. Of those 12, seniors Brett Riffel, William Weiner, Max Dutton, Jeremy Thorpe, and juniors Alaina Madden, and Josh Curtis all placed third in four-speaker. Aubrey Anderson, Isabelle Christensen, Luke Harding, and Jordan Mullins all went 4-3 and placed fourth in two-speaker. 

“Our affirmative was the only undefeated affirmative team in four speaker, so that was good,” Weiner said.

The affirmative team had taken a new case that nobody had seen before, which helped lead them to going undefeated. The negative team went 3-5 overall throughout the day, but Weiner still thought that it went well.

“To get three wins out of the eight, we were happy,” Weiner said. “Especially since we beat TMP who got fourth place, so that was one of the things that helped us to get better.” 

Coach Betsy Dutton said she was pleased with the placings.

“It was a one loss split,” Dutton said. “I was pleased with that.”