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Siblings Kinzie, Kaz Comley play together for the first time in high school

Sibling duo, junior Kinzie and freshman Kaz Comley will be hitting the basketball season together for the first time. As both from a young age, have grown up around the sport of basketball, and it has been a part of their lives. For the first time this year, they get the opportunity to play at the same level together.

“I like it because all of the people that are so involved with it, make it fun and enjoyable,” Kinzie said, “Also, I’ve been around basketball since I was young and you just learn to love the sport and all that it teaches you.” 

With both of their love for the sport, Kinzie enjoys getting to watch Kaz play in high school.

Kaz has been playing basketball since the first grade, and like Kinzie, he has enjoyed getting to learn the sport.

“I can go to gameday, and watch him also when I’m playing and that’s really nice. When he was in Jr. high, I couldn’t do that because of high school practices for me,” Kinzie said. 

“I grew up around basketball because my family members played basketball. My dad was a coach when I was growing up, so I was at a lot of his practices,” Kaz said. 

Kaz is a starter this year for the boys. High school basketball different than jr. high, and Kaz really enjoys it. Becase the atmosphere and competition is a lot more different.

Kaz also likes this year, is being able to watch his sister play, and knowing that she will be watching and supporting him, they also support and watch each other along with pushing each other, whether that be on the court or in the gym together practicing.

“It’s really cool, because not many siblings have that opportunity to watch each other and I like getting to watch her,” Kaz said.“Everytime we are in the gym, we make sure that both of us are working hard.”