The Valentine’s Day Debate

Chocolate is a great way to the heart on holidays

When Valentine’s Day rolls around every February, the typical gifts are flowers, candy, chocolate, cards, and the occasional stuffed animal. 

The one gift that outshines all of the rest is the chocolate. Sure, flowers are pretty but after about two weeks they start to die. When one receives cards, they just end up in the trash can. 

Receiving chocolate can make anyone’s day. And who doesn’t love food that is given to them by their significant other? 

They vary in shape, size, and flavors so they can fit to your own personal preference. For me, the best kinds are the ones that are filled with peanut butter and I also like the coconut ones. The peanut butter and chocolate combination is a good choice since chocolate and peanut butter is a  really good combination. 

But the coconut chocolates are by far the best. Coconut reminds me of my grandparents house, where my grandma and I would eat  it when we were alone. 

So by combining a sweet from my childhood and putting it with chocolate, it’s a guaranteed for me to like it. 

Shape may be a big deal to some people, but not to me. If it comes in a rectangular box or a heart-shaped box, it doesn’t matter; they both hold the same contents. I would prefer to have my chocolate shape vary to make things interesting. My favorite shape are the little ones that look like peanut butter cups, because they don’t have your typical chocolate shape. 

Chocolate can be manipulated into a variety of different treats and make the dessert taste good. It’s always a good feeling to receive a gift from someone; but when the gift turns out to be food, it makes the person feel even better. 

This day is a day where people love to be surprised with different gifts, and chocolate is no exception. Whenever I receive chocolate, I get excited, and that’s why is a great choice for Valentine’s Day.