New Stat Panels in Ora

Our past scoreboard was just a regular scoreboard. It kept track of the time and total points for each team as well as the last player who fouled. On Jan. 3 the school received a donation from John and Heather Oden. Sterling was presented with four new stat panels that will keep track of individual players scores and fouls. 

“The scoreboard itself is the same all we did was add stat panels to it,” Athletic Director Wes Laudermilk said.

The Oden’s  had been talking to Laudermilk since late September about donating something to the school. One thing they discussed was a new scoreboard. They decided on stat panels instead of an entirely new scoreboard because it would be more cost friendly. 

“We wanted to use a portion of Jacob’s memorial  money to do something that would invest in the basketball program in a way that the community could enjoy,” Heather Oden said.

“Jacob’s passion was basketball and our gratitude to the community, schools, and program were the motivations for the donation.” 

Although the new stat panels are pricey the Odens donated all of it and paid for the labor as well. 

“They paid for the installation of it which was part of the package we had talked about and there was no cost to the school,” Laudermilk said.

Since the school had a regular scoreboard and scoreboard control they had to upgrade the scoreboard controller to be able to communicate to the new stat panels. 

“We had to buy a new scoreboard controller which was included with the package because we upgraded the technology inside our scoreboards. We had to upgrade the controller to be able to “talk” to the stat panels,” Laudermilk said.

Throughout the month of January the board has been used at 22 games in Ora Shields. The stat panels were used throughout the entire tournament and added aspects to the tournament than previous years?

“I think it will make it a better experience for both the fans and the players. Players are always wanting to know how they are doing or how many fouls they have and now if they are in the game, they can look up and just see how many fouls and points they have,” Laudermilk said.

Being able to see the players points and fouls helped the players know what was going on at all times. 

“While we are playing in the games, the scoreboards make it very convenient to check to see who is scoring the most on the other team, and who has fouls,” junior Kinzie Comley said.

“Before the new scoreboard we couldn’t do that and we had to ask the bookkeeper and know we can do that on our own.”  The Oden’s donation was officially approved on Monday, Jan. 14 at the Board of Education meeting.