Bressler assumes principal role

Sterling High School has a new administor this year, and he is highly visible around the building. 

Phil Bressler has been popping into every class and stopping students in the halls to talk to them as an attempt to make their days better. 

He has given several high fives walking in the hallway, asking students asking about their days. 

Every time you see him, either working in a classroom or walking the halls, Bressler has a smile on his face.

Bressler grew up in a small town named Breges City in northwest Kansas.  

He was principal at Pittsburg High School for the past two years, and before his principal career, he was an assistant principal and a math teacher. 

Some of Bressler’s hobbies are home improvement and renovation and watching his children do what they love doing. 

He also works part time at his wife’s sign business and really enjoys it.

 He and wife Trasie have four children — Synthia who is 23, Caden is 18, Reece is 15, and 10-year-old Elli. 

“Family is greater than work,” Bressler said. “I tell all on the staff members this, and I also want to model it for them.” 

He also has been modeling how the students should use teamwork by working with his staff and giving lots of feedback around the school and in sports, Bressler said. 

Bressler has one expectation for the school and that is to make the school better for the students. 

He wants to have more successful graduates and make the students at Sterling grow, not only as individuals but also as a group. 

Any change he makes, he said, is aimed at improvement, not just to make a change for the sake of change. 

He said he has meetings every week with the grade school staff members because it is important to work as a district. 

“I think that we are more of a team than any other district that I’ve been in,” Bressler said.

One thing he has been working on is the school spirit. 

Within the building, it can be seen that he has let parents into the school to decorate the lockers for sports. He also has put bear paws with a “W” on the lockers of the sports that have won a game. 

 “I think it’s important to let them know that what they do matters,” Bressler said. 

He shows this by going and supporting all of the sports. He has even made a goal to go support all school activities at least once in the school year.