Candidates vie for BOE seats

This year, there are 14 people running for school board, which is the most that Sterling has had. On Aug. 6, the school board primary elections were held, narrowing the original 14 candidates down to eight.
Kent Anthony, like other candidates, wants to keep Sterling as one of the state’s best school districts.
“My number one goal is to make sure Sterling keeps their reputation as one of the best school districts in the State of Kansas,” he said. “Other goals, which go with the first goal, is to make sure we attract and keep great teachers and administrators and provide them with the resources to do their job at the highest level.”
For Joshua Sant, being at the top means supporting different activities the schools are involved in.
“A goal for me would be see the programs continue to thrive that we have here in this district,” he said. “I think it would be an awesome opportunity to be able to be apart of that, in some way. To get to know the students more and to get to know the faculty more and to be able to help strengthen the already good things that are happening with the school district.”
David Lockhart is from Sentinel, Oklahoma, and has lived in Sterling for three years now. While in Oklahoma, he was on the school board, so Lockhart has experience with being a board member.
“I feel that I am called to serve and give back to the community, so here I am running for the board,” Lockhart said. “I only want what’s best for the students and school. I want to keep Sterling the best in the state. The school system is phenomenal, and I want to keep it that way for all the students.”
Larry Brownlee taught in the Sterling school district for 34 years. At first he didn’t have any desire to be on the school board, but soon decided that he could possibly offer a perspective that any school board needs.
“The most important thing I would like to do is truly celebrate the success of every student in every activity,” Brownlee said. “It would be great to invite groups of students to the board meeting every month and publicly acknowledge them and celebrate them.”
Melinda Thomas has lived in Sterling her entire life and both her and her husband make the commute to Hutchinson for work. Thomas is also in agreeance with keeping the school system the best in the state.
“For starters, I would like to provide the support our staff needs tooot continue to strive to be within the top 10 percent in the state in all categories,” Thomas said. “My hope is for Sterling to continue to be the go-to school that provides top-notch programs within all students’ different skill sets.”
Other candidates contacted for this story, but they could not be reached by the deadline.
The election will be Nov. 5.