Football kicks off season

As of Sept. 27, Sterling High School’s varsity football team had a record of 2-2. 

This was one thing that has motivated senior Bryan Montoya to play harder because last year the team’s record was 1-3.

 “Family” is how both senior Cade Wilkey and the new head coach Brent Schneider describe the team. 

“We can talk to each other about anything, and we always have each others’ backs,” Wilkey said. 

This has helped the team build leadership and set good examples for the underclassman.

Schneider said one of the team’s weaknesses is that the team lacks experience. This is because the team is made up of mainly underclassmen. 

Schneider is working to build this up and allowing the younger plays to have in-game playing time.

“Every week we gain experience, and we can learn from what we put out there,” Schneider said.

This year is Wilkey’s last year on the team, and he has played football since he was in third grade. He enjoys being with his friends everyday and building bonds. 

One thing that Wilkey is looking forward to this year is seeing how the season goes. 

“We are learning a whole new offense, so it’s exciting to do something new,” Wilkey said. 

Montoya said the new offense is a challenge to the team, explaining whistles being blown for too many people in motion and for players not getting down on time. 

He said he thinks the team just needs more practice, and then the players could be really good at running the plays. 

Montoya said he is excited to see if they make it to the state championships.

Sophomore Cody Oden also said he was excited for new plays and the new coach. He is ready to be better than they were last year. 

Oden suggested playing football creates a different level of connection with people, and he said that connection can be life changing because the competition for playing time motivates people to do better and focus on the game to earn their spots.

“Football is mentally very hard because you have to keep your mind clear and know that the pain is just a part of the game,” Wilkey said. 

Schneider agreed, saying that he enjoys seeing them fight through the pain and struggle. He also enjoys watching as they learn and build character and relationships. 

It comes down to a simple question, according to Schneider.

“How many times are you about to get back up after you fall down?” he asked.