Stuco hopes to serve students

Student Council is back with new faces.

 “It is a fun club I can be a part of,” Freshman Representative Colton Madden said. “It is fun to be in it with my sister.”

There are eight members of Stuco — President Alaina Madden, senior; Vice President Aubrey Anderson, junior; Treasurer Colton Sant, junior; Secretary Natalie Schweizer, junior; Senior Representative Mallory Beltz, Junior Representative Hannah Bennett, Sophomore Representative Wyatt Beltz, and Freshman Representative Colton Madden.

“I am feeling excited about Stuco this year,” Alaina Madden said. “Being president, I feel like I have the ability to make Stuco more involved and do more with the power we are given. I love building those relationships with the students and planning all the activities Stuco does.”

Stuco is in charge of many things in the school — freshman orientation day, the Stuco mixer in August, the homecoming ceremony and dance, Ironman volleyball, Sterling Basketball Association games, and last day of school activities.

“Homecoming is our most popular Stuco event,” Madden said. “We plan the whole dance and pretty much everyone comes. We also handle the candidates and that gets the whole school involved.”

The purpose of Stuco isn’t only to plan and organize events. 

Stuco also tries to keep on the lookout for people who need help academically and socially. 

“Students should talk to a Stuco representative if they have concerns about academics or administrations,” Stuco sponsor Ian Anderson said. 

Stuco can help in ways some students might not realize.

“We can help be a mediator if they feel like they need one,” Anderson said.

Madden said she would like people to think of Stuco as more of a resource for students.

“I wish that people knew that Stuco was there for them,” she said. “I think sometimes students feel helpless when they have issues and forget that the student council is here for them.”