Tennis team serves up wins

Lady Bear tennis has a record high number this year with 15 girls. The team is made up of six freshmen, two sophomores, five juniors and two seniors. 

“A goal for me was really just to have fun. It’s senior year, so I’m  just enjoying the girls and I think that we really have bonded and I’m loving it,” senior Kinzie Comley said.

Freshman Karissa Wilson finds high school tennis to be better and more competitive than junior high tennis.

“In high school, you get matched with someone who is your skill level. In junior high, you either get someone who is really good, or someone who is not very good,” Wilson said.

Curtis Thompson has been coaching tennis for 34 years. This year, the team has gotten either first or second in the meets they’ve been to. 

One of the goals Thompson has is to try and get the girls to be prosperous.

“I want to try and get people to have success at regionals and maybe some of them qualify for state,” he said.

Wilson has similar goals.

“I want to be a better player than what I was on the first day. Another think would be making it to state,” she said.

This year, the regional tournament is in Conway Springs. It will be held Oct.11-12.