Harriers Work Toward Goals

By: Riley Richter

This year, there are nine athletes out for cross country, while last year there was 18. 

With limited numbers, there are only two upperclassmen runners, senior Bryson Brownlee and junior Colton Sant.

Though this year’s cross country team may be smaller than last year’s team, they still have big dreams for this season.

“We have a few team goals this year — cheering everyone on and respecting the whole team,” sophomore Carter Crank said. “I think it’s important to have team goals because it gets everyone motivated.”

Although there are very few upperclassmen, there are six freshmen this year.

These newcomers to the team are learning the differences between levels of competition and practice.

“In high school, we run a lot more, and we work a lot harder too,” freshman Bella Brownlee said.

Along with the team goals, Bella Brownlee also has a personal goal. 

“I want to try and beat some personal records, and I have already set some course records. I want to continue doing that,” she said. “I want to be good at running, and I want to achieve my goals. It helps me when my dad is there to yell at me because it pushes me to do better.”

The cross country team is coached by Pam Simpson.