New FFA Organization Debuts

By: Riley Richter

This new school year has brought many new changes, including a new club —Future Farmers of America.

Recently hired industrial arts teacher Jaret Wohler is sponsoring the new club.

FFA is an organization that helps high school students explore careers in agriculture, among other fields.

“It gives them competitions to be able and go and compete in, as well as preparing them for life and college,” Wohler said. 

Wohler was heavily involved in FFA when he was in high school, which fueled the idea of starting FFA at Sterling.

“High school is where I developed a love for it and realized the value of what it could do for kids by teaching them to be leaders,” he said.

FFA allows students to learn new skills that translate to agriculture jobs they could have later in life, which is one of the many reasons Wohler wanted to start an FFA program.

“In Sterling, we live in a county where the third-largest employer is agriculture based,” Wohler said. “Sterling is an area where I believed we really had a need, and we had been under serving students who wanted to go into an ag related job.”

FFA is not just for students looking to farm, though. Students who want to go into an ag business or even just learn about leadership can also benefit.

“[Approximately] 90 percent or more of the students who are in FFA will never farm,” Wholer said. “The skills that FFA teaches you are valuable and can translate into any industry.”

The president of FFA this year is senior Lauren Fredrick with senior Mallory Beltz as vice president.

Fredrick  has been showing beef cattle since she was seven, and she has always had a passion for it.  

“I’ve wanted an FFA program since my freshman year,” Fredrick said. “I wanted people to realize how passionate I am about the livestock industry.”

FFA held a kickball slip ‘n slide night Sept. 3.

“We wanted to get people excited for the upcoming year in FFA and let people mingle with our officers so they could talk about why they wanted to be in FFA,” Fredrick said.