Quarantine Celebrations

Our world may seem like it’s at a standstill right now, but the days keep passing. Holidays come, and so do birthdays.

A highlight of one’s birthday is celebrating it with friends and family, but during this time, that is almost impossible.

Quarantine isn’t stopping these birthday celebrations though, they may just be celebrated in a new way.

Sophomore Claire Chesney celebrated her 16th birthday in quarantine. It may not have been what she expected but she made the best of it.

“I was disappointed, but it wasn’t too bad since I still talked to my friends,” Chesney said.

“If I was completely cut off I might go crazy!”

Instead of hanging out with friends all day, Chesney and her family celebrated a different way.

“We played board games together and we ate a little supper with my nana,” Chesney said.

“We normally don’t play board games as a family, and we’ve been spending a lot more time with my nana, because she lives alone.”

After quarantine Chesney still plans to celebrate her big day with her friends.

“I am planning on having a bit of a make-up hangout with my friends,” Chesney said.

Chesney isn’t the only 16 year old who didn’t get to celebrate their birthday the way she had thought, Talee Thompson is also facing the same thing.

The stay at home orders were lightened, in time for Thompson’s birthday.

Thompson got to spend some time with close friends.

“I had two friends come over from out of town, we just hung out and had a great time,” Thompson said.

“We just had a small party with a bonfire and danced a lot.”

While Thompson was able to spend time with a few friends, she didn’t get to see everyone that she wished too on her special day.

“It was kinda rough because I enjoy being around friends and family, but its nothing that I can control,” Thompson said.

“You have to just roll with what you’ve got.”

COVID-19 may have put a pause on some things, but it isn’t stopping the celebrations from happening.