School year nears its end

Freshman Alyssa Martinez spends more time with her pets like she often does in the summer.

Freshman Alyssa Martinez spends more time with her pets like she does often during summer break.

We are nearing the last day of school. However it doesn’t feel the same to me.

For me, it is basically summer now with a little school work here and there. I just couldn’t see my friends for a while because of quarantine.

Some students agree with me saying that it already feels like summer.

“I am basically doing the same routine that I do in the summer so it doesn’t feel that different,” freshman Kaedyn Stinemetz said. “The only big difference is that I have assignments to do every week and that we don’t leave our houses as much as we would. I do still really wish we were in real school because I miss my friends and my teachers. This has been a little bit of hard transition for me but hopefully things will go back to normal soon. ”

Stinemetz is still looking forward to the actual summer vacation.

“I am really excited for summer,” she said. “I have some summer plans and I hope that they don’t get canceled because of this.” 

 Freshman Riley Jaske agrees with Stinemetz.

“Summer definitely will not feel the same,” she said. “I will probably get really bored because it feels like summer is already happening so it is just gonna feel long and drawn out. I am excited though for summer and not having to do school work anymore ”

With it being like summer, people are falling into their routines.

“I walk our dogs a lot and I watch movies,” Stinemetz said. “We are also doing a lot of yard work that keeps us really busy.”

Jaske has a different summer approach.

“I scroll through the social media platform, Tik Tok, for hours each day,” she said.

Even though it does feel like summer, students are still getting ready for the end of year finals and assignments. 

“I have not really heard about finals for every class so I do not know much about those,” Stinemetz said. “I have not been doing any preparation besides trying to stay on top of homework and getting that done so I can keep up with all of my classes.”

I have been doing the same. I stay on top of all my work for every single class so I don’t fall behind in any way. All I know is that I am completely done with my physical science class this year.

I encourage my fellow classmates to stick it out until the very end. That’s all we can really do.