The Final Stretch

For those of us who aren’t seniors, there are about two weeks left of school before summer starts.

“The plans that I had for my summer before the virus came was I wanted to go rodeo a lot,” sophomore Talee Thompson said. “Just improve myself, meet a lot of new great people and just rodeo and do what I love. But now that the virus hit, it’s kind of ruining my plans.”

However for seniors, these past several weeks have not been what they were expecting.

“I have been helping do stuff around the house, going on lots of walks, and working as much as I can, ” senior Lauren Frederick said. “It has been really really hard being a senior right now and not getting to spend time with the people I’ve grown up with.”

As the stay-at-home order has been lifted, some are hoping for a summer that is as normal as it can get.

“I’m going to Worlds of Fun,” junior Hannah Bennett said. “I haven’t liked the online school very much at all because I’m not able to focus and get a lot done without having a schedule and a designated class to go to.”

Though some may spend their summers prepping for college.

“I plan on going on lots of trips and being out of the house a lot,” Frederick said. “I will also be getting things ready for college.”

Being stuck at home has forced students to get creative with their time outside of school.

“I’ve gotten to train my puppy and spend lots of time with my family,” Frederick said. “It’s been good for my family and I. We are all ready for a break but feel blessed for the time we are getting to spend together.”

Despite being stuck at home, there have been some positives that have come out of this break.

“Roping wise, I’ve really improved. My horse and I are doing very great,” Thompson said. “Me personally, I turned 16 so that’s a big deal for me. I get to drive everywhere legally now, so that’s a great thing.”

As for the seniors, they have made many memories throughout their four years here.

“There are so many memories. Any dance was always fun, homecoming football games, state assembly’s or state basketball,” Frederick said. “Getting to interview the new principal, and having the seniors at my house at the beginning of the year. So many memories that I won’t ever forget.”