In the last few months there have been many changes. There are parents working full time jobs and handling their kids with school work. 

Sterling High School cheer coach and prom sponsor, Jessica Boor is a single mother just going through a divorce and she is working a full-time job at Jacam Chemicals. 

“I am a pretty busy person,” Boor said, “But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Boor has three children, Brentley in third grade, Brock in kindergarten, and Braylee who is three years old. During the day, while she is at work, her daughter goes to daycare. The kids’ great-grandparents watch over Brentley and Brock. 

“I was pretty emotionally numb about it. I can honestly say that I have been blessed with some AMAZING grandparents,” Boor said. 

She mentioned that her grandparents live in Arizona October to May and come to Kansas at the end of May and stay until October. Boor’s grandparents are where her boy’s stay during the day. 

“ALL THANKS goes to Meme and Papa!” Boor said.

They help them with all of the schooling they need to do. She also said she drops them off at their house in the morning and after they eat breakfast they go work on their school work.

“I personally am sad for the kids today. School was always my favorite place to be,” Boor said.

She went on to explain that school gives kids structure and time with friends that they don’t get to see outside of school. She also said that it gives them time to learn, grow, and be themselves. 

“Brentley would rather be at school and he does not like virtual school. He misses his friends. Brock is just fine with it. However, I feel Brock might have a hard time adjusting to being back at school with everyone because he is a little hyperactive and will have to follow the “school rules” again. I love that my boys get this much time with their grandparents BUT they really need their space from each other so they don’t fight as much,” Boor said.

Boor mentioned how her job has been affected. She said that the Oilfield has been affected quite a bit and people are not allowed to travel to help out the downfall of oil prices. Boor mentioned that many people at Jacam are losing their jobs.

“My job and my kids have kept me motivated through the pandemic,” Boor said.

Junior High teacher Stacie Lewis has been teaching for 21 years. She has four kids, Jacob who is in fourth grade, Kaitlin is in third, Emma is in second, and Austin is in kindergarten. 

Lewis said that she was not really strict on what time they begin their work but they do it in the morning after their breakfast. 

“Each kid has a separate tub with their school items from their classrooms, and then also books and things that I have added to them. On the top of each tub is a list of assignments/work that needs done for the week,” she said. 

Lewis mentioned that her kids spend one to two hours on their school work per day, but sometimes they spend more. 

“It’s a very difficult balance. Since I’m a teacher, we all try to “work” at the same time. But that gets very overwhelming and stressful as my own kids need help and my students need help,” Lewis said.

Lewis mentioned that she was most worried about her children maintaining where they left off in school. She also said that she thinks it will affect most students. 

“Knowing that Jesus had this all planned out already – and that He knows has kept me motivated during the pandemic,” Lewis said.