As the school year comes to a close, different extracurriculars offered to students are choosing members to be a part of office. Each year, FBLA members run for officer positions and other members vote on who is an officer. This year, there are six students who are officers. President- junior Aubrey Anderson, Vice President- junior Maddy Chesney, Secretary- sophomore Riley Richter, Treasurer- freshman Kate Rowland, Reporter- sophomore Megan Roelfs, and Fundraising Coordinator- freshman Kaedyn Stinementz.

“I am excited for this group. One of the things I always look for is a variety of experience. While it may seem best and easiest to have all seniors with three years of experience each, it doesn’t set up the group well for future years,” adviser Eric Wenzel said. “In this group we have two incoming seniors with qualifying and attending Nationals experience, two incoming juniors going into their second year with FBLA, and two incoming sophomores also coming into their second year. Having an even spread of age and experience allows for the best opportunity to continue to build a foundation of leadership for the future of the group.”

The 2019-2020 FBLA team poses for a picture after their district competition in Kingman

FBLA typically has three contest per year: a district competition, a state competition, and a national competition. State is typically in Topeka, and students who place in the top three qualify for nationals that can be anywhere in the United States.

“I have just finished my second year of FBLA. I really enjoy public speaking and I know that it’s a big part of FBLA,” Anderson said. “I gave my first speech this season and the memories with the people along with seeing my work pay off is something I really enjoy. I hope to qualify for Nationals in a speaking event and place.”

For other officers, they were encouraged by an older sibling.

“My sister had done it in high school and said that it was a lot of fun. I also wanted to try it because it seemed like an interesting organization,” Rowland said. “I decided to run for office because I really enjoyed FBLA this year and thought it might be fun to try. I chose multiple positions to run for, but go the one that I really wanted.”

This past season has ended Wenzel’s fifth year as adviser, and he originally heard about the idea in college.

“I heard about it some throughout college, but really got to know it more just by starting it up and learning. Todd Vogts was part of the encouragement to get it going, with his aunt being one of the staple advisers in the state,” Wenzel said. “The first year was a huge learning curve, and I feel like we have gotten a little more comfortable and refined each year since. There is still plenty of work to do, but I like the trajectory we are on.”

Not only does FBLA go to competitions, but have a yearly gift wrapping fundraiser in Dec.

“I really enjoyed the regional meet. You went in, and did your events and then you had the rest of the day to relax and spend time with your friends,” Stinementz said. “I also had a good time at the gift wrapping event we did around Christmas. It was a fun time and we got some donations for FBLA.”

For new high school students, trying new clubs can be a little scary.

“There are no negative consequences. If you are scared, you aren’t the only one. FBLA isn’t something you have to do alone. Do it with a group, it’s fun and you won’t regret it.” Anderson said.