Students recollect the events of the school year

Posters of the graduating class line the street of the high school.

It is officially the last week of school. We are reminiscing the events of this past year. 

“My favorite overall memory from this school year is probably seeing the basketball teams make it into state basketball,” junior Meah Gonzalez said. “Despite it being cancelled, they worked really hard to get there this year. It was really cool. I had a fun time cheering for our teams. They played well and I am very proud of them.”

I agree with Gonzalez, state basketball was a fun thing for me to watch and experience my freshman year. It really brought our whole community together and it was an amazing moment in Sterling High School history to be a part of.

“The support from the school and community was amazing,” Gonzalez said. “The cheerleaders did our best to come up with good themes and the student section did an amazing job dressing up for them. Seeing the huge crowd and student section at the games was amazing and it brought so much to the games because I think that the teams got excited by it and they played better.”

We most definitely are not the only ones who agree that the state basketball experience was one for the books.

“I loved when the boys and girls basketball teams went to state,” senior Kamryn Gillespie said. “It was fun seeing all the support and love our town has for each other.  I also enjoyed having Lauren Frederick in plant and soil and getting Mr. Wohler off track so we didn’t have to listen to him talk about boring stuff.”  

Gillespie’s senior year ended differently than she expected. However, there were some bright times in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I would say becoming closer as a class because of the situation we were dealt was a great experience,” she said. “I have not felt closer to my class than I have in these last few months.”

Gillespie does not want future seniors to waste their year away.

“I would tell someone going into their senior year, do not take anything for granted.” she said. “Go to the football game, dance at homecoming, go out with your friends, make new friends, play that sport, you never know how much you will miss it until it is gone. I got my senior year taken from me and no one deserves that. You have the privilege of going to Sterling High School, do not take it for granted because you think you are better than that. You only experience senior year once, make it count.”