About Us

The Cub and The Cub Reporter, hereinafter referred to as the “Publications”, are the official student “Publications” of Sterling High School and Unified School District 376. The Cub Reporter, which is a student magazine/newspaper, is published monthly during the school year (October through May, weekly online). The Cub, which is a yearbook, is published annually.

The magazine/newspaper, which is distributed during the second Wednesday each month, is available for free to all students, faculty, administration and community members of Sterling U.S.D. 376.

The yearbook, which is distributed during the first few weeks of every new school year, is available for a pre-determined price to all students, faculty, administration and community members of Sterling U.S.D. 376. The price is subject to change on a yearly basis. Pre-ordering is required.

It is recognized that the “Publications” are prepared and published by journalism students enrolled in the communication courses rather than professionally compensated journalists. Thus, the “Publications” are a vital and necessary tool of education to be utilized in teaching students the purposes and functions of mass media in a democratic society.

“Publications” is not subject to involuntary review prior to publication except by its own Editorial Board and is therefore responsible for the contents. “Publications” are designated forums of free speech. While this freedom of press is afforded to staff members, they must always strive to use that freedom responsibly. Just because something is legally OK to print, doesn’t necessarily mean it is ethically or tastefully fit to print. Journalists uphold the right to express unpopular opinions or to agree with the majority.

It is the purpose of the “Publications” to serve as a forum for all diverse opinion, to serve the interests and needs of the reading public, and to provide news and commentary that is accurate, fair, objective and honest. The staff will strive to produce a high-quality journalistic publication for students, about students, and by students, while developing those skills of professional journalist who tell the whole story of the event and the year for every student.

Students will be offered opportunities to inform, to entertain, to investigate, to interpret and to evaluate — all being accepted, responsible functions of the traditional democratic press.

The criteria for the inclusion of a story or any other material in the publication will be those of accepted, responsible journalism, including restraint by the student journalists and the adviser in such matters as libel, privacy, contempt, obscenity and copyright.